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Challenge and Resolution Process

Please find the revised escalation procedure ‘Challenge and Resolution, this replaces the previous ‘Dispute Resolution Process’.

You will note firstly that the title of the procedure has changed – the term alone ‘dispute’ can at times be quite incendiary so we have opted for a rename that reflects a the SCT strength-based and collaborative approach to our respective practice and the ambitions we jointly hold and work towards with our children and families. Using the escalation procedure is the means to drive our interventions and work together to achieve an outcome for children within a reasonable timescale – it should not be seen as process!

You will also note that we have gone from 8 pages of information and guidance to 1 page – the information for the new procedure is clearer and more concise.

The prerequisite to achieving positive outcomes through escalation is for increased communication at very early stages when matters arise, before emails we would encourage all practitioners and managers to pick up the phone and hold conversations.

As you may of you are already aware escalation is a core function of the role of both the child protection conference chairs (CPCC) and independent reviewing officers( IRO) within QAS. As stated earlier this is with the aim to improve outcomes for children through timely and effective response to when issues are raised whether informally and formally. This is a positive function and a barometer as to ‘intra-departmentally’ how well we are working together.

Attached to this briefing is a PowerPoint presentation in place of a learning note, it provides more information about the reason escalations are so important to children we work with. It is essential that all involved in escalations have a clear and understanding as to why and what is being escalated, what it is we are trying to achieve for the child and the timescales that you are trying to achieve it in. Please take the time to familiarise yourself the new escalations procedure and the learning note attached.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact a CPCC, IRO or a member of the Safeguarding Unit Management Team.

LCS- RCP Userguide v1.2 280920

Practice Guidance IRO Challenge and Resolution Process

Bulletin LSC065- LCS RCP

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