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Children’s social care

Putting the voice of the child at the centre of all we do.

Our approach

We believe the voice of the child should be at the centre of all we do.

We support our social workers to undertake creative methods of intervention to ensure the voice of the child is at the centre of service development. Vulnerable children and families have a voice and their views will impact on how the service is shaped.

Our staff are supported by an accountable and a professional management team. They are encouraged to work creatively, within the statutory framework.

We offer highly skilled, competent social workers who are equipped with the skills they need to develop their professional practice. We support, grow and develop our staff, and ensure they are involved in the development of services.

We offer the following range of social care services:

  • Statutory assessments and care planning
  • Services for looked-after children
  • Fostering and adoption
  • Services for young people leaving care

How Sandwell Children’s Trust supports Disabled Children