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Finance – because money matters!

We want you to be financially secure, and make sure that you can manage your money now and in the future.

For all ages

  • We will provide financial advice and debt management support.
  • We can help you if times get difficult, for example:
    • Emergency gas and electric top up cards
    • Food and drink
    • Clothing allowances
    • Emergency crisis payments.
  • Your PA will help you with these.

When you reach 18

  • Your PA can support you to claim the benefits you are entitled to. If there are any problems with your benefits we can help you sort these out.
  • We will support you to access your Junior ISA and any other savings you may have.
  • We will give you an educational incentive if you are in full time college of £15 per week. If you are at University this will rise to £20 per week.
  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Coaches will be able to support you with benefits, accessing employment and training opportunities.
  • You won’t have to pay any council tax until you are 25 years old if you are living in Sandwell. We are working with councils across the West Midlands to see how we can support Care Leavers that live outside of Sandwell, your PA will be able to talk to you about what this means to you.

Help with setting up home

  • We will provide a leaving care grant of up to £2000. Your PA will help you use this to furnish your new home. It can be used for things like:
    • Furniture
    • Washing machine, fridge
    • Television and licence
    • Pots & pans and other kitchen things.
  • We will tell you about the other people that can help, like local charities who sell used and reconditioned furniture at cheap prices.
  • We may be able to help you when you move home, you can speak to your PA about this.