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Early help and community model

Targeted Early Help (TEH) Teams provide targeted family support to families at tiers 3 or 4 of the Sandwell Safeguarding Board Threshold Document. TEH also provide advice and guidance to professionals about how to provide help to families, where the threshold for Children Social Care is not met, as early as possible.

The TEH service offers support to children, young people and families who need some help to make things better. This may include support with parenting, routines and boundaries, maintain a safe standard of  home conditions or keeping children safe. This is achieved through the  development  of a Team around the family (TAF)  plan. TEH will devise the plan children, families and all professionals working with the family.

There is a TEH Team based in each of Sandwell’s six towns and are located within multi agency offices in each town – see below for locations our teams are based. TEH share offices with Neighbourhood Service, Adult Social  Care and Anti-Social behaviour teams.

Each TEH Manager is supported by three Senior Targeted Family Support Workers and up to five Targeted Family Support Workers (TFSW). TFSW’s will act as Lead Professional when working a Level 3 of the  threshold matrix, the family require targeted family support and where the worker is best placed to do so.

TEH is made up of professionals from an array of professional backgrounds including youth work,  education, health and early years. Staff within the service are not Social Workers but are Family  Support Workers.

The Resilient Residents web page brings together information and tips to help you save money and get the support you need.

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